Friday, April 9, 2010


Summer is not coming. It's already here! Bohol, being the number one tourist destination of the country is much prepared to welcome tourists from different walks of life. Some are foreigners, some half foreigners and some are "feeling" foreigners. Of course, our beloved "balikbayans" will be home in our sweetland to grip a breathe of fresh air.
Indeed our country is a melting pot of culture. One of Boholanos culture is celebrating fiestas. The month of May is a 24/7 fiesta celebration of different patrons in different places around Bohol. Though I'm a pure Boholana, traveling and visiting places of Bohol would still be a great adventure to me. I have gone and seen these places many times but sure to death, I would never be bored of the smooth sand of the white beaches, of the hanging rock formation in beautiful caves, of the soothing water from a spring and of the coldness of a river, of the adventure offered by skydiving and ocean diving, even in the falling of a leaf from a tree and the sight of a blooming flower, of the countless stars in the sky and of the warmth of a rising sun. God be praised for all these remarkable breathtaking sites.
Bohol maybe a small island but is a total pradise! Beautiful places filled with beautiful women!(

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