Friday, April 30, 2010

what comes...?

What comes after tomorrow, if tomorrow is graduation day? A lot. Lot more tougher then daily assignments, more bloody than research works, more stressing than major exams and much more terrifying than terror instructors. Sleepless months of preparation are to be overcome for the big day. The licensure examination. Passing this exam maybe not a matter of life and death but sure it is a crown of pride, a cup of victory and a grab of endless opportunities. To the graduates who never failed to burn their midnight candles not just for the sake of passing but for the sake of calling themselves worthy of their titles. For those who made it to the top. I salute to you.(
For those who didn't, again it's not a matter of life and death. Life must go on; or as long as we live, we've got hope.


deandean said...

yup! you're right about life after graduation. BTW, you have a nice-looking blog here...nice pics too :)

keep it up.

mj said...